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IGO2 Library

This repository is home to the IGO2 Library on which IGO2 is built. IGO2 and this library are is open source projects using Angular, Angular Material and OpenLayers 4. While IGO2 is mapping oriented, this library can easily serve other purposes as it contains many components and services that may benefit any web application.

Quick links


Install developer instance

If you want to develop in IGO2 Library, it can be installed by:

  1. Clone current repository: using git clone
  2. Deploy in cd igo2-lib/ and install from npm npm install
  3. Start form npm npm start
  4. Open your browser at http://localhost:4200/

Install user instance

The latest release of IGO2 Library can be used and installed from npm npm install --save igo2

Getting started

See our Getting Started Guide if you're building your first project with IGO2 Library.


Project status

IGO2 Library is under active development and new features will be regularly added. If you'd like to contribute, you must follow our contributing guidelines.

Items developed and planned:

  • Better documentation
  • Better support of non-spatial data sources
  • PDF Print
  • Time slider (wms-time for filtering)
  • WMS Catalog
  • Import & export (GeoJSON, KML)
  • Sharing map
  • Tests