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Igo.js Build Status

Igo is a Web Framework for Node.js that comes with:

  • Pre-configured Express, middlewares, and Dust
  • Pre-configured Webpack and Nodemon
  • Full-featured testing environment based on Mocha
  • Basic ORM for MySQL

All remarks, suggestions, PRs are welcome! šŸ’•

šŸš€ Getting Started

Before using Igo, you need to install Node.js (>=6.x) and Mocha. Then, you can easily create a new project via the igo CLI.

npmĀ installĀ -gĀ igoĀ mocha
igoĀ createĀ myproject
cdĀ myproject
npmĀ install
npmĀ start

Open http://localhost:3000 and start coding (and reading the docs).

Type mocha to run tests.


  • Introduction
    • Presentation, Installation, Getting Started, Configuration
  • Models
    • MySQL configuration, SQL migrations, Model API
  • Views
    • Template syntax, I18n, View helpers
  • Controllers
    • Routes, Middlewares
  • Development
    • Webpack, Nodemon
  • Test
    • Using Mocha, testing controllers
  • Production
    • Running Igo in production, receiving email alerts
  • Other features
    • Cache : Cache API
    • Igo Mailer : TODO
    • Igo Logger : TODO