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Igo is a Node.js Web Framework based on Express

Igo Web Framework

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đź“– Read the full documentation here.

Short Presentation

Igo is a Web Framework for Node.js that comes with:

  • Pre-configured Express and middlewares
  • Dust as a template engine
  • Basic ORM for MySQL
  • Complete i18n support via i18next
  • Error handling
  • Mailing system based on Nodemailer
  • Pre-configured Gulp tasks for development
  • Test environment based on Mocha
  • Caching with Redis

All remarks, suggestions, PRs are welcome! đź’•

🚀 Getting Started (2 minutes)

Before using Igo, you need to install Node.js (>=5.9.1), Bower, Gulp and Mocha.

npm install -g bower gulp-cli mocha

Then, the easiest way to get started with Igo is to create a new project via the igo CLI.

npm install -g igo
igo create myproject && cd myproject
npm install && bower install

Go to http://localhost:3000 and start coding (and reading the docs).

Type mocha to run tests.