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Ignite UI for React DataSources - from Infragistics

Ignite UI for React includes a wide range of easy to use React UI components that have been designed and optimized for high-performance, high-volume data scenarios. Ignite UI for React is designed to enable developers to build the most modern, high-performance HTML5 & JavaScript apps for modern desktop browsers, mobile experiences and progressive web apps (PWA’s) targeting the React framework.

This package provides custom data providers and data sources for Ignite UI for React component. For more information and examples, visit this website

NPM Package

You can include Ignite UI for React Data Sources in your project using this npm command:

npm install --save igniteui-react-datasources igniteui-react-core


This is a commercial product, requiring a valid paid-for license for use. This license details can by found here

To acquire a license for usage, please register for a trial and acquire a license at Infragistics.com.

© Copyright 2023 Infragistics. All Rights Reserved. The Infragistics Ultimate license & copyright applies to this distribution. For information on that license, please go to our website here.

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