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    Matt Oakes' React Native Boilerplate

    This is the boilerplate that Matt Oakes uses as a way to bring up new React Native projects.

    I do not recommend using this boilerplate for your own projects. Is it mainly for my own personal use and is not likely to meet your needs or be kept up-to-date. I recommend that you use one of the official Ignite boilerplates instead.

    Currently includes:

    App Foundations

    • react-native@0.52.0 - The cross platform foundations of the app.
    • react-navigation - Handle navigation with integration with redux.
    • react-native-i18n - Allows strings to be localised.
    • redux - The main state management framework.
    • redux-persist - Handles persisting and loading parts of the app state on load.
    • redux-saga - Handles long running and complex flows of actions using generators.
    • reselect - Allows selectors to be composed and memorized.

    Code Linting & Testing

    • husky - Runs code styling on commit and the tests on push to avoid errors being missed.
    • flow - Adds type checking to the application.
    • prettier - Automatically sets the code style.
    • eslint - Lint checking the application and running prettier.
    • jest - Main testing framework with mocking, spies, and expectations built-in.
    • storybook - Component test cases with snapshot testing using storyshots.
    • remote-redux-devtools - Allow inspecting and time travel for the redux state.
    • fetch-mock - Allows mocking the network requests for testing.
    • enzyme - Shallow component testing.
    • redux-saga-tester - Test harness for redux sagas.
    • timekeeper - Allows mocking of the current date and time.

    Quick Start

    When you've installed the Ignite CLI, you can get started with this boilerplate like this:

    ignite new MyLatestCreation --boilerplate matt-oakes-react-native-boilerplate




    npm i ignite-matt-oakes-react-native-boilerplate

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