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Ignite.js is a package to help design, implement and debug asynchronous software. It is a framework that allows state machines to be described in a natural, understandable way within JavaScript. It is focused on being quick and easy to use, whilst providing powerful tools to help the design, implementation and deployment stages.

Reasons to Use

  • Simplified asynchronous and behavioural design for node.js
    • Remove callbacks
    • Handle multiple EventEmitters easily
    • Allow structured system design
    • Fully asynchronous
  • Useful plug-ins to support common asynchronous patterns
    • node.js asynchronous functions
    • Parallel list handling (e.g. reduce, map, each)
    • Handling multiple machines
  • Easily create visual representations of the code (state diagrams and, coming soon, sequence diagrams)
  • Simply distribute the behaviour across multiple processes
  • Support tools to help design, debug and deploy


The full documentation is available here.


There are a number of examples in the source tree, which are described here