Automatic asset bundling and deployment


Easily concatenate and minify assets, then send them to Amazon S3.

To install Igneous, just use npm:

npm install igneous

To use Igneous, you first require the module and set your AWS configuration. After that you supply a list of file flows you want to concatenate and send off to S3, using the final filename of each flow as the key:

var igneous = require('igneous');
igneous.set( 'aws_key', 'TEST' );
igneous.set( 'aws_secret', 'TEST' );
igneous.set( 's3_bucket', 'TEST' );
    'stylesheets.css': {
        type: 'css',
        files: [
        compress: true
    'scripts.js': {
        type: 'js',
        files: [
        compress: true

When igneous.createFlows runs, it concatenates the files in each flow and sends them off to S3, returning their new URL with a timestamp parameter. This URL can be accessed in the following ways:


From there it's a simple task to pass these URLs into markup or a template object.