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Client for internal i18n project. Widely used in templates


From code

// initialize a translator from a i18n dictionary file with translate languate 
const iget = await require('iget')({
 file: path.join(__dirname, 'dic.json'),
 lang: 'de'
// get localized string in your template like this 
iget('Hello') // output: 'Hallo' 
// You can specify a language of a key explictly'Hallo')
// change translation language (NOTE: this operation is immutable) 
const igetDe = iget.lang('en')
// will translate to English now, but `iget` variable works as previously 
igetDe('Hallo') // output: 'Hello' 

Collect all strings in a project

gulp locale-push

Will send to an i18n server all strings you have used inside iget(*) expressions. See gulp-iget project for more info ### Make translations in UI Coming soon...

Check translations before release

gulp locale-check

Will check if there are untranslated strings and fail. Looks at languages: ['en', 'de'] option for tranlation check