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Observes your internet connection and executes configured apps if you're online or offline.


ifon – yes, I know. Sounds a little bit like a famous Smartphone, but check your pronunciation. It is "if on" (: – is an application which observes your internet connection and executes applications in the respective status. "If online, execute these apps - If offline, execute these apps."

Platforms: Note that this is a very first draft and only has support for the Linux platform at the moment. Feel free to contribute handlers for the other platforms if you like the idea (:

$ npm install -g ifon

Create a configuration file in your home directory:

$ vi ~/.ifonrc.json

Add the following configuration structure:

	"online": {
		"execute" : ["your_app1", "your_app2"]
	"offline": {
		"execute" : ["your_app1", "your_app2"]
$ ifon

MIT License

Copyright (c) 2013, André König

  • First rudimentary Linux support.
  • Initial release.