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A wrapper to use the swiss LV03 projection with leaflet


Create a folder myProject for your project

$ mkdir myProject
$ cd myProject


Initialise npm and install idris-maps

$ npm init
$ npm install idris-lv03 --save

Copy the myProject/node_modules/idris-lv03/public folder to myProject/public

If watchify is not installed, install it

$ sudo npm install watchify -g

Create a main.js file and compile it into myProject/public/script.js with watchify

$ watchify main.js -o public/script.js

You can see the result by opening public/index.html

To publish on your server just copy the public folder


In main.js, require idris-lv03

var lv03 = require('idris-lv03')


Path to leaflets images folder

Set the path to the images folder, if it is in the same folder as index.html:

var imagePath = 'images'

Center and zoom level at start

Set the center and zoom level of the map at start

  • In LV03 coordinates as x and y
var start = {
    x: 182273,
    y: 538745,
    zoom: 22
  • In WGS84 coordinates as lat and lng
var start = {
    lat: 46.7888,
    lng: 6.6364,
    zoom: 22

Initialise with lv03.init()

Initialise the map with the start point and the imagePath. It returns a map variable.

lv03.init(start, imagePath, function(map) {
    // the rest of your code goes in here

Add WMS tiles

A WMS service needs the following keys:

  • url the URL to the service
  • format the format of the tiles, default is image/png
  • attr proper attribution to the provider
  • minZoom, default is 0
  • maxZoom, default is 28

To add the r-pod_yverdon_cygnes layer from HEIGVD-WMS-RPOD for example

Create the configuration

var cygnes = {
    url: '',
    minZoom: 22,
    format: 'image/jpeg',
    attr: '© HEIG-VD'

... and add the layer with lv03.wms(map, [CONFIGURATION])

lv03.init(start, imagePath, function(map) {
    lv03.wms(map, cygnes)

WMS services that I know of that do not require authentification:

Add features in WGS84 coordinates

Within the callback of lv03.init(), you can add any type of leaflet layer (such as L.marker(), L.geoJson() ...) with coordinates in WGS84

lv03.init(start, imagePath, function(map) {

Add a marker in LV03 coordinates

You can add a marker in LV03 coordinates using the lv03.point(map, coordinates) function where coordinates is an array with x and y: [x,y]

lv03.init(start, imagePath, function(map) {
    lv03.point(map, [182273,538745])



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