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    Koding's new IDE has been overhauled. Much more to come but in the meanwhile, you can play with these features immediately or have a look around the code base.

    Try the live version here.



    • Multiple language support. Go, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, C, C++, Javascript, Coffeescript, etc. whatever your language of choice, the IDE supports it and gives you gorgeous syntax highlighting.
    • Shortcuts. Use our extensive keyboard shortcuts to control everything inside the IDE.
    • Themes. Easily switch the default color theme and font to one from a growing list of choices.
    • Workspaces. Use workspaces to organize your project. Workpsaces keep everything neat and tidy.
    • Previews. Easily preview your work using the built-in browser. No more tab switching.
    • Collapsable Panes. Collapse the IDE main frame to get more screen real estate.
    • Common editor settings. Autocomplete, soft tabs, line numbers, word wrap, tab size, auto-indenting..are all there.
    • Resize and Split panes. Open several IDE tabs and resize them the way you want.
    • Graphical permissions. Don't like setting permissions on the command line, do it via a handy GUI.
    • Multi-cursor support. Create multiple cursors and selections in order to make lots of similar edits at once.
    • Code folding. Easily fold away fragments of code that you don't need to look at.

    We appreciate any contribution to this repo so feel free to contribute!

    See you on Koding!


    IDE is written with Koding's in house developed KD Framework, to understand the code better you may want to check it out.


    npm i ide

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