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This is a small flexbox and dimensions-setting library written in Sass.

Please check out the demo page for layout usage.

The CSS is in the distribution folder. Use what you want.

  • idd-flex.css - utility flexbox classes.
  • idd-flex-hz.css - horizontal (i.e. flex-direction: row) layout flex classes.
  • idd-flex-vt.css - vertical (i.e. flex-direction: column) layout flex classes.
  • idd-height.css - fractional, percentage-based height-setting classes.
  • idd-style.css - master "include" file. includes all other listed CSS files here.
  • idd-width.css - fractional, percentage-based width-setting classes.

Flexbox support, right now, is not comprehensive (e.g. no RTL layout support, no child ordering or self-alignment -- to name a few) but may be in future iterations.

If you're working in a Sass environment, feel free to extend or mixin the source -- particularly idd-responsive.scss, a collection of mixins for cross-browser responsive design support, including Bootstrap-defaults.

Now with partials support.

See releases for notes.