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DRY project automation for Node.js and javascript frontend projects.

A gulp based project structure and compilation automation.

Install the required dependencies to run id-project with NPM.

$ npm install --save-dev id-project gulp coffee-script

Running id-project should work with very little configuration. Right now the policy is to enable all options by default.

  1. Put a file named in your project directory containing:
idProject = require "id-project"
  1. Run the gulpfile from the commandline:
$ gulp

Or with debugging:

$ DEBUGGING=true gulp

This is the directory structure the default options assume:

build/             # Output directory. Typically what you want to bundle with
                   # NPM and run.
docs/              # Generated documentation.
src/               # Input directory.
  client/          # Browser files.
    js/            # Browser JavaScript.
      app/         # Your app.
 # The app entry point (for browserify).
  server/          # Server files.
test/              # Mocha unit tests.
app.js             # The server entry point. Generally starts something from
                   # the build/server/ directory.

These options assume the default directory structure (but you can change it to anything you like):

idProject = require "id-project"
    enabled:             true
    entryFilePath:       "src/client/js/app/app.js"
    targetDirectoryPath: "build/client/js/app"
    targetFilename:      "app.bundle.js"
    enabled:             true
    targetDirectoryPath: targetDirectoryPath
    enabled:             true
    sourceDirectoryPath: "src"
    targetDirectoryPath: "build"
    enabled:             true
    excluded:            [ "!**/*.coffee""!**/*.less" ]
    sourceDirectoryPath: "src"
    targetDirectoryPath: "build"
    enabled:             true
    sourceDirectoryPath: "src"
    targetDirectoryPath: "docs"
    enabled:             true
    entryFilePath:       "src/client/less/app.less"
    targetDirectoryPath: "build/client/css"
    enabled:             true
    enabled:             true
    entryFilePath:       "app.js"
    watchDirectoryPath:  "build/server"
    enabled:             true
    directoryPath:       "test"
    enabled:             true
    sourceDirectoryPath: "src"
    testDirectoryPath:   "build"


Cleans the build directory.

Compiles CoffeeScript files to JavaScript files and places them in the build directory.

Compiles Less files starting from an entry file to one Cascading Style Sheet file and places it in the build directory.

Copies any file that is not a CoffeeScript file or Less file and places it in the build directory.

Generates API documentation for all CoffeeScript files in the source directory. Uses the Codo system.


Compiles the outputted JavaScript files from the CoffeeScript task and Jade files copied over with the Copy task to one javascript file called the bundle.

Starts a server in development mode and keeps watch over server files. When an outputted JavaScript file from the CoffeeScfipt task in the build directory changes, it restarts the server.

Runs assertion tests with the Mocha test runner.

When any file in the source directory changes, this task sends a message to the corresponding tasks, triggering another compile/copy/etc of the subject files.

Starts a LiveReload server. When a file changes that affects the browser, sends a message to the livereload server, reloading the browser.