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This is a proxy to connect local icecap daemon to our website over HTTP with apikey provided by our website. We use this on our hosted service automatically but you can use it to enable icecap on your own shell service.

Installation to our service

You only need this program if you are using your own shell server/account.

Installation to custom shell service

Install icecapd

hg clone
cd icecap
mkdir -p $HOME/opt/icecap
./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/icecap
make install
echo 'PATH=$PATH:$HOME/opt/icecap/bin' >> $HOME/.profile

Install node

tar zxf node-v0.4.11.tar.gz
cd node-v0.4.11
mkdir -p $HOME/opt/node
./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/node
make install
echo 'PATH=$PATH:$HOME/opt/node/bin' >> $HOME/.profile

Install npm

git clone
cd npm
mkdir -p $HOME/opt/npm
./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/npm
make install
echo 'PATH=$PATH:$HOME/opt/npm/bin' >> $HOME/.profile

Install node-icecapd

Just type npm install icecapd and npm will install it for you.

Running icecapd

icecapd start

Configuring it in crontab

You can setup a simple watchdog with crontab.

Sample crontab file:

* *    * * *   /path/to/icecapd.js status >/dev/null || /path/to/icecapd.js start

Configuration Settings

List configuration settings:

./icecapd.js config

To set apikey run:

./icecapd.js config-set apikey ab2cd1ef3gh4g12412

You can get the apikey from running website.

To change the default iotarget run:

./icecapd.js config-set iotarget http://localhost:3000/shell

To enable logging to a file, you can run:

./icecapd.js config-set logfile /path/to/file.log

To disable logfile, just ommit the value:

./icecapd.js config-set logfile