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Lazily loads records from an href as the user scrolls down the page, all in your template.


npm install ic-lazy-list

... or ...

bower install ic-lazy-list

... or just include dist/main.js into your app however you want.

Module Support

  • AMD

    define(['ic-lazy-list'], function() {});

  • Node.JS (CJS)


  • Globals


    All instructure canvas stuff lives on the ic global.


Once you've required ic-lazy-list into your application, you can use it in your templates.

  {{#each contacts}}
    <li style="height: 500px">{{first}} {{last}}</li>
  • href - the url to load
  • data-key - optional, the key in the response your data lives on
  • data - data-binding, when the data loads it will be bound to whatever you map it to


After cloning this repo, install dependencies:

$ npm install
$ bower install

Fire up the grunt watcher:

$ grunt

Then in a different tab run the tests with testem:

$ testem