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    alerter is a vanilla javascript (meaning it does not require jQuery nor any other library) "plug-in", which lets you display non-obstrusive stackable messages in an easy and ordered way.

    Working example.


    Using alerter is easy! alerter('Hello, World!'); will display a box with the text "Hello, World!", it's that easy.

    If you need more options, you can pass a configuration object instead of a string alerter({'text': 'Hello, World!', 'orientation': 'left'});


    The default configuration works most of the times, but of course, you can customize as you please

    Name Mandatory? Type Default value Description
    text yes string 'Default Alert Text' Alert text
    duration yes number 2 Number of seconds before fadeOut (if onClick is set, starts when the alert is clicked)
    fadeStep yes number 5 Fade out step
    fadeSpeed yes number 25 Fade out speed
    xOrientation yes string ('left'/'right') 'left' Alert placement on horizontal axis
    yOrientation yes string ('top'/'bottom') 'top' Alert placement on vertical axis
    styles yes object {height: '50px', margin: '15px'} Styles object
    styles.height yes string '50px' Alert div height in px (Mandatory unit)
    styles.margin yes string '15px' Alert div margin in px (Mandatory unit)
    styles.backgroundColor no string '#000000' Background color
    styles.color no string '#FFFFFF' Text color
    styles.fontFamily no string 'Segoe UI' Font family
    styles.fontSize no string '13px' Font size
    styles.padding no string '5px' Alert div padding
    styles.minWidth no string '250px' Alert div min width
    styles.[STYLE_ATTRIBUTE_NAME] no Any style you want to add on the alert div
    id no string none Optional id (styles array has precedence)
    class no string none Optional css classname (styles array and id have precedence)
    onFadeOut no function none Callback called after fadeOut
    onClick no function none Callback called on click event


    $ npm install alerterjs

    You can find alerter in node_modules/alerterjs/alerter.js as well as node_modules/alerterjs/alerter.min.js.



    npm i iaso-alerterjs

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