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IAM Floyd

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AWS IAM policy statement generator with fluent interface.

Support for:

  • 353 Services
  • 14236 Actions
  • 1504 Resource Types
  • 1493 Condition keys

This is an early version of the package. The API will change while I implement new features. Therefore make sure you use an exact version in your package.json before it reaches 1.0.0.


Find the documentation at Read the Docs.

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There are two different package variants available:

  • iam-floyd: Can be used in AWS SDK, Boto 3 or for whatever you need an IAM policy statement for
    npm PyPI

  • cdk-iam-floyd: Integrates into AWS CDK and extends iam.PolicyStatement
    npm PyPI

    Starting with version 0.300.0, the packages are compatible with CDK v2. For CDK v1 you can use any version up to:
    npm CDK v1 PyPI CDK v1

    Find them all on libraries.io.

CDK Compatibility Matrix

CDK cdk-iam-floyd
<= 1.151.0 <= 0.285.0
>= 1.152.0 0.286.0
>= 1.158.0 No compatible version!
>= 2.0.0 >= 0.300.0
>= 2.20.0 >= 0.351.0
>= 2.26.0 >= 0.377.0
2.29.x No compatible version!
>= 2.30.0 >= 0.391.0


The code contained in the lib/generated folder is generated from the AWS documentation. The class- and function-names and their description therefore are property of AWS.

AWS and their services are trademarks, registered trademarks or trade dress of AWS in the U.S. and/or other countries.

This project is not affiliated, funded, or in any way associated with AWS.

IAM Floyd is licensed under Apache License 2.0. Dependencies might be released under different licenses. Especially the bundled packages regex-parser and common-substrings are released under the MIT License.


npm i iam-floyd

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