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This is still under development. You can't use it for anything practical right now.


Fall in love with computers all over again.

Mastering the subtle art of writing i_love_u code.

Get your idiot friends to teach it to you.

Installation and Usage:

your_shell> npm install i_love_u

# In your coffeescript code:

love = require("i_love_u")

u = new love.i_love_u """
  One is: 1.
  Six is: One + 5.
vals = (v.value() for v in ) 

# --> ["1", 6.0]


u = new love.i_love_u """
  If true:
    One is: 1.
    Two is: 2.
vals = (v.value() for v in ) 

# --> ["1"]

Commercial Break:

British Airways

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

Ending Credits:

Written, Produced, and Directed
by reading, pacing around, and thinking.

Do you still hate computers?

Try learning programming and use Squeak.

The End

...for now.