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HyperTerm Sync Settings

Sync HyperTerm settings with Github.


  1. Create a new personal access token which has the gist scope. Save your token to personalAccessToken inside ~/.hyperterm_plugins/.hyperterm-sync-settings.json. Alternatively, set the HYPERTERM_SYNC_SETTINGS_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN environmental variable using this token.

  2. Create a new gist and save it. Save your gist id (last part of the url after the username) to gistId inside ~/.hyperterm_plugins/.hyperterm-sync-settings.json. Alternatively, set the HYPERTERM_SYNC_SETTINGS_GIST_ID environmental variable using this id.

  3. Restart HyperTerm.

Disclaimer: Github Gists are by default public. If you don't want other people to easily find your gist (i.e. if you use certain packages, storing auth-tokens, a malicious party could abuse them), you should make sure to create a secret gist.

How to use

alt demo

Use the commands below in the menu:

  1. Plugins > Sync Settings > Check for Updates

    Checks Github to see if there are any updates available for your settings.

  2. Plugins > Sync Settings > Backup Settings

    Copies your ~/.hyperterm.js file to your local repository and pushes it to Github.

  3. Plugins > Sync Settings > Restore Settings

    Fast forwards local repo with all new commits from Github and copies the new settings to your ~/.hyperterm.js file.

  4. Plugins > Sync Settings > Open >

    • Gist: Opens the link to the configured Gist.

    • Repo: Opens the local repo that is cloned from the Gist.

    • Configuration: Opens the ~/.hyperterm_plugins/.hyperterm-sync-settings.json config file.


Add syncSettings in your .hyperterm.js config. The configuration below shows all existing configuration values in their default states.

module.exports = {
  config: {
    // other configs...
    syncSettings: {
      quiet: false
  // ...


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Mute the notification saying "Your settings are up to date". This will not hide any other notifications.


Please help improve this package! There's lots of room for stability and new features to be made, so I would love if you could help improve it :)


Credit where credit's due; the idea of this comes directly from atom-sync-settings.

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