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    Hypercore Protocol Extension for a simple PubSub system. Works on the top any hyperspace swarm connection. A peer can notify others that it listens to a specific topic, these then can send them messages regarding that topic. In addition to that, the peer announces itself to listen to a topic on the hyperswarm DHT, so the PubSub system also works without any existing connection.

    It is designed to be used with a hyperspace RPC client, but might also work directly with a corestore networker (untested).


    npm install hyperpubsub


    The message format is binary, so if objects are sent they have to be encoded/decoded manually.

    const {PubSub} = require('hyperpubsub').debug() // call debug() if you want debugging messages printed to the cli
    // ... set up or connect to a hyperspace instanced
    // client = a hyperspace client
    // see
    const pubsub = new PubSub(, {application: 'example app', onError: <somehowhandlethaterror>})
    pubsub.join('some topic') // returns Promise<string> of the discovery key used for the dht
    pubsub.sub('some topic', (msg, app) => console.log(msg.toString('utf-8'))) // messages are binary blobs'some topic', Buffer.from('hello', 'utf-8')) // sends message to all known listening peers
    pubsub.unsub('some topic') // no longer interested
    pubsub.close() // cleanup

    basic.js is a minimalistic demonstrator that uses the hyperspace simulator for tests. If started twice you can see it exchanging "hello" messages.

    Private Messges

    As of 1.2.0 hyperpubsub also supports private, encrypted messages (utilizing libsodium sealed boxes). The (hash of the) public key of the receiver serves as the pubsub topic, the rest is very similar to "normal" pubsub.

    // the key pair has to be set up using libsodium
    const sodium = require('sodium-universal')
    const publicKey = Buffer.alloc(sodium.crypto_box_PUBLICKEYBYTES)
    const secretKey = Buffer.alloc(sodium.crypto_box_SECRETKEYBYTES)
    sodium.crypto_box_keypair(publicKey, secretKey)
    // subscribe to private messages
    pubsub.subPrivateMsg(publicKey, secretKey, (msg) => {
     // process message
    // -----------------------------------------
    // ON AN OTHER DEVICE: send private messages
    await pubsub.joinPublicKey(publicKey)
    pubsub.pubPrivateMsg(publicKey, Buffer.from('hello', 'utf-8'))

    private.js is a minimalistic demonstrator for private messages (uses the simulator as well). Start it once, copy the public key that's printed to the cli and pass it as argument to a second instance.


    • [ ] PEX is WIP
      • [ ] Hyperspace integration
    • [ ] Denial-of-Service and spam protections


    npm i hyperpubsub

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