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list the inits (originating documents) in a hyperlog feed

Think of an init is like the first commit after you do git init, but for hyperlog feeds.


var inits = require('hyperlog-inits');
var memdb = require('memdb');
var hyperlog = require('hyperlog');
var idb = memdb({ valueEncoding: 'json' });
var log = hyperlog(memdb(), { valueEncoding: 'json' });
var r = inits(log, { live: true });
r.on('data', function (row) {
    console.log('init=', row);
var histories = [
histories.forEach(function (docs) {
    (function next (prev) {
        if (docs.length === 0) return;
        log.add(prev, docs.shift(), function (err, node) {


init= { change: 1,
  key: '7d1afe2dab0e5f96bb47cfb16a4a83beaa9ee440819baf80408d55fae4819dc6',
  log: 'cic42duir00001mdn13icnjau',
  seq: 1,
  value: [ { x: 5 } ],
  links: [] }
init= { change: 2,
  key: '5e543bc5e04a7db261dd797863bfc8d1a31d53531c35663b38417402713409d5',
  log: 'cic42duir00001mdn13icnjau',
  seq: 2,
  value: [ { n: 3 } ],
  links: [] }


var inits = require('hyperlog-inits')

var r = inits(log, opts={}, cb)

Return a readable object stream r of originating documents that have no links from a hyperlog log instance.

If given, cb(err, idocs, last) fires with an array of originating documents, idocs and the integer sequence of the last change, last.

The options opts are passed through directly to log.createReadStream():

  • - when true, keep the change log open. default: false
  • opts.since - return changes after this sequence number. default: -1

r.on('change', function (ch) {})

Every document read from the change stream generates a 'change' event with the sequence number ch.

r.on('last', function (ch) {})

The last change at the end of a non-live change stream emits a change event 'last' with the sequence number ch.


With npm do:

npm install hyperlog-inits