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Yet another Merkle DAG

npm install hypergraph

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var graph = hypergraph(levelup)

creates a new graph from a levelup

Range Options

Various methods use these options for specifying ranges in the graph:

since - array of nodes to begin the range until - array of nodes to end the range

graph.count(opts, cb)

Get the total number of nodes between a range. Calls cb with the node count for the range you specify

opts should be Range Options.

graph.match(hashes, cb)

Given an array of hashes, calls cb with the hashes that exist in the local graph


Calls cb with an array of the current heads of the graph


Returns a readable stream that will emit graph nodes. opts should be Range Options


Returns a writable stream that stores data in the graph

graph.get(key, cb)

Gets the value for a key in the graph, calls cb with the value

graph.append(value, cb)

Appends value to the current head, calls cb when done. Uses .add internally.

graph.add(links, value, cb)

Inserts value into the graph as a child of links, calls cb when done.


Calls close on the underlying graph.db