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HyperFormula - A headless spreadsheet, a parser and evaluator of Excel formulas

An open-source headless spreadsheet for business web apps

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HyperFormula is a headless spreadsheet built in TypeScript, serving as both a parser and evaluator of spreadsheet formulas. It can be integrated into your browser or utilized as a service with Node.js as your back-end technology.

What HyperFormula can be used for?

HyperFormula doesn't assume any existing user interface, making it a general-purpose library that can be used in various business applications. Here are some examples:

  • Custom spreadsheet-like app
  • Business logic builder
  • Forms and form builder
  • Educational app
  • Online calculator




Installation and usage

Install the library from npm like so:

npm install hyperformula

Once installed, you can use it to develop applications tailored to your specific business needs. Here, we've used it to craft a form that calculates mortgage payments using the PMT formula.

import { HyperFormula } from 'hyperformula';

// Create a HyperFormula instance
const hf = HyperFormula.buildEmpty({ licenseKey: 'gpl-v3' });

// Add an empty sheet
const sheetName = hf.addSheet('Mortgage Calculator');
const sheetId = hf.getSheetId(sheetName);

// Enter the mortgage parameters
hf.addNamedExpression('AnnualInterestRate', '8%');
hf.addNamedExpression('NumberOfMonths', 360);
hf.addNamedExpression('LoanAmount', 800000);

// Use the PMT function to calculate the monthly payment
hf.setCellContents({ sheet: sheetId, row: 0, col: 0 }, [['Monthly Payment', '=PMT(AnnualInterestRate/12, NumberOfMonths, -LoanAmount)']]);

// Display the result
console.log(`${hf.getCellValue({ sheet: sheetId, row: 0, col: 0 })}: ${hf.getCellValue({ sheet: sheetId, row: 0, col: 1 })}`);

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Contributions are welcome, but before you make them, please read the Contributing Guide and accept the Contributor License Agreement.


HyperFormula is available under two different licenses: GPLv3 and commercial. The commercial license can be purchased by contacting our team at Handsontable.

Copyright (c) Handsoncode

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