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A dynamic HyperCat catalogue server with the following features:

  • Hosting of multiple catalogues /cats/
  • Aliasing of /cat to a catalogue in /cats
  • Read/insert/modify of items
  • Basic Auth for authentication
  • Search of catalogue (urn:X-tsbiot:search:simple)
  • Rich permissions system to set access and visibility rights based on catalogue/item metadata properties
  • Mapping of /cat to draft-bormann-core-links-json-02 on /.well-known/core

See for more information.


The server relies on mongodb for persistent storage and redis for realtime event handling.

apt-get install mongodb redis


npm install
npm start

Access http://localhost:8001

Automated Tests

The automated test suite may be run with

npm test

Wiping the catalogue

For test purposes, the catalogue may be wiped with

node tools/dropdb.js