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Hyperbolic Stretching Reviews – Crucial Facts You Must Not Miss

Hello and welcome to my in-depth Hyperbolic Stretching review.

Hyperbolic Stretching is an online stretching program that is designed to help you improve your flexibility. You can buy this program from its official website and follow its videos from the comfort of your room.

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If you ever try to stand up after being chained to your desk for a long time, you must have experienced the struggle. Your leg muscles become stiff when they are not active, and your back and hip muscles become weak.

There are many causes of muscle stiffness, including lack of physical activity, incorrect sitting or standing position, heavy weight load, and hard work. Hyperbolic Stretching is designed to correct this muscle stiffness with the help of splits, back bends, forward bends, and full splits.

Continue reading this Hyperbolic Stretching review to find out more about this flexibility program, including its creator, working mechanism, benefits, pros and cons, and more.

Stretching Exercises

What Exactly Is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a 30-day flexibility program that can help you to unlock your body’s potential for flexibility and strength. It contains 21 videos that participants have to follow for eight minutes every day to get results with them.

Alex Larrson is the ex-computer programmer who designed this program for beginners and advanced users. Alex has provided this flexibility program in two different versions, for men and women, because he feels they need different stretching routines to unlock their full flexibility potential. Moreover, he designed this stretching program as self-paced so most users can get benefits from these exercises.

Hyperbolic Stretching uses an ancient Asian technique that is similar to PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching technique. This stretching technique helps people unlock their flexibility and strength with a greater range of motion.

Hyperbolic Stretching includes six different flexibility routines that are as follows:

  1. Front split flexibility routine
  2. Side split flexibility routine
  3. Upper body stretching routine
  4. Dynamic stretching routine
  5. Pike Mastery routine
  6. Easy Bridge

Alex has created a video presentation that you can watch on its official website. If you haven’t watched it yet, click the link below to visit the official website and watch this short video to discover how these flexibility routines work.

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Who Is Alex Larrson?

Alex Larrson is an ex-computer programmer who became a flexibility expert and created Hyperbolic Stretching. Larrson got the idea of becoming a flexibility specialist after years of 12-hour days forced his body to experience neurological shutdown.

One day after working on the computer for many hours, Alex suffered muscle stiffness in his legs, impairing his movements. He tried many flexibility and mobility methods, but the pain was not reducing.

Alex also started yoga and martial arts but could not able to continue due to difficult poses and moves.

That’s when he decided to get into the science of stretching. Luckily, he found a loophole that helped him become more flexible and stronger and reduced his pain as well.

Now, Alex is teaching these flexibility routines inside Hyperbolic Stretching. These routines take only eight minutes daily, and participants have noticed results within 2-4 weeks.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching Really Effective?

Hyperbolic Stretching uses a stretching technique that strengthens pelvic floor muscles. Development of these muscles is required to improve flexibility, athletic performance, and overall fitness level. These stretching techniques can unlock the body’s flexibility potential and range of motion.

According to Alex Larrson, the human body has stretch reflux that stops muscles from getting a full stretch. For this reason, Alex uses a series of mobility and flexibility moves to switch off this stretch reflux for greater flexibility.

Hyperbolic Stretching contains six different flexibility routines, along with a warm-up, split test, and maintenance routine. These routines are designed to be progressive, as each exercise builds on the previous one. The main goal of Hyperbolic Stretching is to help you perform the right stretches with the correct sequence.

Many fitness experts, athletes, martial artists, and dancers use hyperbolic stretching exercises to improve their flexibility, performance, and range of motion. It takes only 8 minutes a day to improve flexibility, mobility, and daily tasks.

What Is Included In Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic Stretching includes six different flexibility routines that you can follow to improve flexibility and live a pain-free life. Here is a brief overview of these six routines:

Front Split Routine: 

This front split routine is designed for the hamstrings, back muscles, and hip flexors. This eight-minute exercise routine is for both beginners and advanced participants as it reduces back pain by strengthening the lower body.

Side Split Routine:

This side split routine is created to strengthen hip and pelvic floor muscles. This routine is especially for beginners as it improves flexibility without special equipment. Consistently performing this routine with open up your hip muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to get full center splits.

Forward Bend Routine:

This Forward Bend routine targets the back, hams, and pelvic muscles. This 4-week routine improves the flexibility of your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. This routine will give you the right exercises with the correct sequence to help you achieve a full front split, along with head to toe position as soon as possible.

Dynamic Stretching Routine:

This dynamic stretching is really important for athletes as it helps them to bring improvement in their respective sports. This flexibility regime is highly effective for improving speed, strength, and range of motion. This stretching routine improves blood circulation, speed, and range of movement.

Upper Body Stretching Routine:

This upper body stretching routine is designed to maximize the range of motion. This routine is especially for beginners and weightlifters who have lost their flexibility or recovering from a training injury. This video series will show you how to effectively stretch your shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, and other upper body muscles with a safe approach.

Bridge Routine:

This Bridge routine is designed for users who want to improve their posture. This routine targets over 80% of body muscles and correct various posture misalignments such as forward neck posture, sway-back posture, haunted back, and others. This routine will help you develop strength in your shoulder muscles and strengthen your abdominal wall and lower back.

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7 Physical and Mental Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching is created for beginners and advanced users. It provides various benefits to its users. Some of these are:

Improves Flexibility:

Hyperbolic Stretching provides a safe and verified approach to improve flexibility – both in the short and long term. The short-term gains occur due to the nervous system becoming more tolerant to a new stretch position. However, long-term flexibility occurs with consistently performing these stretching exercises as it lengthens the muscles.

Increases Range of Motions:

Improving flexibility also improves the range of motion. With a greater range of motion, you can freely move your joints, giving you freedom in movement. Hyperbolic Stretching includes static and dynamic stretching exercises that are effective for increasing the range of motions. Additionally, the PNF stretching technique is also effective for immediate gains.

Decreases Risk of Injury:

We all know warming up before a workout can prevent injuries, and dynamic stretching is one of the major components of warm-up. Dynamic stretching can warm up your muscles and joints and increase your range of movements to help you perform your workout in the best body position.

Improves Strength:

The best way to improve strength and performance in physical activity is by improving flexibility. The main objective of flexibility is to give you better control of your muscles. So, improving flexibility will help in improving strength as well. Moreover, you can’t engage in weightlifting exercises if your muscles are stiff.

Enhances Blood Flow:

Performing stretching exercises regularly can improve circulation. Stretches can also improve blood flow to muscles, reducing injury recovery time and post-exercise muscle soreness.

Heals and Prevents Back Pain:

Sitting on a desk for a prolonged period can cause tight muscles and a decrease in mobility. It can further increase strain on back muscles. All the stretching exercises provided in Hyperbolic Stretching can relieve existing back injury and reduce recovery time. These stretches can also strengthen back muscles that can prevent back pain.

Relaxes The Mind:

Many people feel good after performing stretching exercises. These good feelings can reduce chronic stress and improve calmness. Stretching exercises can also bring a mental boost if you combine them with deep breathing.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching Legit?

Yes, Hyperbolic Stretching is 100% legit as it is created by a celebrity and flexibility specialist. Further, it has helped numerous men and women, including athletes, weightlifters, martial artists, and dancers, to improve flexibility and mobility.

Many people like Hyperbolic Stretching because it is beginner-friendly as they can follow these exercises and activate their self-recovery safely using a special exercise protocol.

Alex Larrson has designed this flexibility program with a home-based approach, and it doesn’t need any special equipment. People from any age group and even the stiffest people can perform these exercises for full flexibility.

Hyperbolic Stretching is a one-time payment program and there is no monthly subscription. You can even watch these videos on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and even cast them on TV using your smartphone.

Additionally, Hyperbolic Stretching gives you unlimited access for a lifetime. You can use this program now or in the future to improve your fitness and quickly recover from any injury.

What Is The Cost Of Hyperbolic Stretching? And Where To Buy It?

Hyperbolic Stretching is an online and downloadable program that you can access by paying a one-time payment of $27. Alex was selling this flexibility program for $100 but recently slashed the pricing so that more people can utilize it and improve their flexibility.

Alex Larrson is also selling some additional digital products like 60-Day Superflex Continuity Program and Detailed Printable Stretching PDF for $17 and $12, respectively.

Hyperbolic Stretching also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows users to claim their money back if they don’t like these exercises or don’t find them useful.

After completing the payment process, users can access Hyperbolic Stretching immediately.

Verified Customer Reviews For Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching is an effective flexibility program that has gained positive feedback from its users worldwide.

Hyperbolic Stretching has received thousands of reviews from its customers. These verified reviews will help you decide whether this flexibility program is for you.

Some positive reviews pointed following about this program:

  • Easy-to-follow
  • Simple exercises
  • Affordable price
  • Improved flexibility
  • Higher strength
  • Back pain relieve

Some negative reviews from customers pointed out:

  • It takes longer than 30 days
  • Muscular pain
  • Little instruction on whether stretch has to be felt by the author

One user mentioned on Reddit about Hyperbolic Stretching:

“I am performing Hyperbolic Stretching exercises for over six months now, and they are doing wonders for me. These simple exercises offer great flexibility and reduce my post-workout recovery time.”

Another user posted on TrustPilot that:

“This flexibility program is amazing. A lot of flexibility exercises, a clear progression, immediate back pain relief, and affordable pricing make this program a must try. I highly recommend it.”

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Bottom Line:

Hyperbolic Stretching is one of the popular flexibility programs that has gained praise from its customers worldwide. This program has managed to provide life-changing benefits to its users.

The human body is meant to remain active. However, due to a lack of physical activity, these body muscles and joints shorten and become stiff, making problems for us to perform daily tasks comfortably.

Thankfully, Hyperbolic Stretching provides a short eight-minute flexibility routine that you can use anytime from the comfort of your home to increase your flexibility and quality of life.

Many people are now using Hyperbolic Stretching exercises to regain their lost flexibility and mobility. At the same time, many athletes, weightlifters, dancers, and martial artists are using these exercises to perform best in their sports.

So, are you ready to regain your flexibility? Try Hyperbolic Stretching now.



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