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Hyper plugin to easily set window transparency.

Also allows you to easily set vibrancy on OSX.



Open Hyper config, find plugins and add 'hyper-transparent' there:

plugins: [

You'll find up to date plugin install instructions in the official Hyper site.

Change background color

Look for:


There you have something like (showing default config):


Color is defined by the first 3 numbers in the rgba property, going from 0 to 255.

Each one is a color channel: red, green and blue.

The last number is the alpha channel, which specifies the transparency amount and it's controlled by hyper-transparent.

Whatever color you write using the rgb portion will be preserved while changing the alpha channel.

The plan is to add better support for color picking in the future :)

About Hyper

Hyper is a terminal app written with web technologies using Electron.

Cool stuff huh? ;)