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    Spotify plugin for Hyper.
    Display currently playing song on Spotify at the bottom of the terminal and allows you to control your favourite music



    Simply add this plugin inside ~/.hyper.js and enjoy your music 🎵

    module.exports = {
      plugins: ['hyper-spotify']


    In your ~/.hyper.js you can define the following parameters to customize hyper-spotify appearance

    modules.exports = {
      config: {
        hyperSpotify: {
          position: 'top', // or 'bottom'
          margin: 'default', // or 'double' or custom value
          controlsPosition: 'default', // or 'left' or 'right'


    hyper-spotify bar supports 2 different positioning:

    • top
    • bottom (default)


    hyper-spotify bar supports 3 margin options:

    • default, should work most of the times
    • double, when using other bar plugins (such as hyper-statusline or hyperline)
    • custom value, specify a custom margin value as an interger (e.g. 30)

    Controls position

    hyper-spotify controls support 3 different positioning:

    • default, controls appears just before the song details
    • left, controls are fixed to the left side of Hyper window
    • right, controls are fixed to the right side of Hyper window


    hyper-spotify support different themes:

    • default, A light theme with a Spotify Green (#1ED760) Spotify icon
    • light, An white theme suitable for dark hyper themes
    • dark, A deep-black theme suitable for light hyper themes
    • special event themes (look for them if you really want to 😜)
    • custom, A customizable theme (see below for more options)

    Custom Theme

    If you'd like to give a personal touch to hyper-spotify, you can use a custom theme and specify one or more of the theme colors

    • overlayColor, the color to apply to hyper-spotify bar background, defaults to white (#FFF)
    • iconColor, the color for every actionable icon, defaults to white (#FFF)
    • spotifyIconColor, the color for the Spotify icon (visible when Spotify app is not running), defaults to iconColor (if specified) or to Spotify Green (#1ED760)
    • textColor, track info color, defaults to white (#FFF)

    Custom theme sample configuration, edit your ~/.hyper.js

    modules.exports = {
      config: {
        hyperSpotify: {
          theme: 'custom', // important!
          overlayColor: '#000',
          iconColor: '#D75C1B',
          spotifyIconColor: '#1ED760',
          textColor: '#FFF'


    The following hotkeys to control Spotify are enabled when Hyper terminal is focused:

    • Play/Pause: CmdOrCtrl+Shift+Space
    • Next song: CmdOrCtrl+Shift+N
    • Previous song: CmdOrCtrl+Shift+P


    Currently works only on macOS, Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 17.04).


    Can't load hyper-spotify

    Unfortunately this seems to be a common issue with Hyper plugins (see here zeit/hyper#191)

    After installing hyper-spotify if Hyper complains about an error while enabling the plugin:

    • do a full restart of Hyper app

    if even after restaring the issue persists try running the following command

    $ cd ~/.hyper_plugins && npm install

    abstract-socket module error

    If you get an error related to abstract-socket not being compiled with the correct Node version, you can try the following solution:

    • Retrieve Hyper electron version by running process.versions.electron inside Hyper DevTools console
    • Run ~/.hyper_plugins/node_modules/.bin/electron-rebuild -v [output of process.versions.electron] inside the terminal

    For more details see issue #13.

    Issue with hyper-statusline

    If you have issue using this plugin alongside hyper-statusline make sure this plugin is declared before hyper-statusline.


    This plugin is inspired by atom-spotify2 and relies on spotify-js to interact with Spotify client

    Related Projects

    If you found this plugin of your interest or if you need to control other media players be sure to check out hyper-media-control by @OrionNebula

    Made with & ❤️ by Mattia Panzeri and contributors

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