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This is a markdown superset, providing extra syntax.

This contains original markdown + GFM + specific Hyper-Markdown syntax.

Note: This package is built on top of a fork of Christopher Jeffrey's marked (MIT license).

Why another Markdown extension?

The objective of Hyper-Markdown is “zero HTML for content”.

Markdown, especially with the GFM extension, almost reached this goal, but there are still few common cases where HTML is still necessary.

Specific Hyper-Markdown syntax

  • Block markup (at the begining of a line):
    • !![caption](url) create a figure (block) tag containing an image or a media having url as source, it uses the text inside brackets as content for a figcaption tag
    • :!![caption](url) same, but make the figure float to the left (i.e. give it classes float and float-left)
    • !!:[caption](url) same, but make the figure float to the right (i.e give it classes float and float-right)
    • ||| column break (close/open "column" custom tags)
    • +++ (or + + + or ++++++++ or anything following the horizontal rule syntax) are used as section break: it clears all columns and start over on a fresh one-column section (close/open "section" tags)
    • - [ ] or * [ ] or + [ ] introduce a todo list item
    • - [x] or * [x] or + [x] introduce a todo list item done
    • -- as a block markup is used to cite someone, usually inside a blockquote

Renderer object API

New methods / modified methods of marked module:

  • .media( type , href , caption , float )
  • .startSection( columnDepth )
  • .endSection( columnDepth )
  • .startColumn( columnDepth )
  • .endColumn( columnDepth )
  • .list( body , ordered , todoList )
  • .listitem( text , checkbox )
  • .cite( text )