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    Welcome to HYMITY πŸ‘‹

    Simple general purpose Discord Bot Generator

    Version Documentation Maintenance License: GPLv3.0 or Above Twitter: sarveshmrao

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    • Knowledge in coding!
    • Know how to make Discord Application


    npm install -g hymity


    yarn global add hymity


    Create New Project

    • To create a new project, type hymity new in your terminal or command prompt.
    • Follow the steps and enter your bot token and prefix and bot owner ID.
    • Once done, run cd <name of the project specified during creation>
    • To run the bot, type npm run dev. This will run the bot with nodemon and will be restarting the bot for every change.

    Generating Commands

    • To generate a new command, type hymity command in your terminal or command prompt.
    • Follow the steps and enter the name and category of the command.
    • This will create the command in commands/category/command_name.js

    Generating Events

    • To generate a new event, type hymity event in your terminal or command prompt and select Create New Event.
    • Select the event which you want to create.
    • This event will get created in events/event_name.js


    πŸ‘€ Sarvesh M Rao

    🀝 Contributing

    Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
    Feel free to check issues page. You can also take a look at the contributing guide.

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    πŸ“ License

    Copyright Β© 2021 Sarvesh M Rao.
    This project is GNU General Public License v3.0 licensed.


    npm i hymity

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