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Teeny-weeny test runner for Node.js

Quick start guide

  1. Install hydro and any plugins you might want to use with NPM. (Suggestions: install a basic test reporter, like hydro-bdd or hydro-tdd.)

    npm install --save-dev hydro hydro-bdd
  2. Create a hydro.conf.js file in the root of your project.

    var assert = require('assert');
    module.exports = function(hydro) {
        attach: global,
        suite: 'My test suite',
        formatter: 'hydro-simple',
        plugins: ['hydro-bdd'],
        tests: ['./test/*.js'],
        globals: { assert: assert }
  3. Write some tests in the directory you pointed to.

    describe('A basic test', function() {
      it('should allow for assertions', function() {
  4. Now run your test from the root directory of your project!




The MIT License (see LICENSE)