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Simple angular template webpack loader.


  var myTplName = require('./');

Key Features:

  • object returned by require is the template name so it can be conveniently referred to. (as a side effect, the content is loaded into the ng template cache).
  • name is globally unique and stable, no clashes with same file names in other directories.
  • html is minified.


Add this loader to webpack.config.js:

  module: {
    loaders: [
        test: /\.ng.html$/,
        loader: 'hxng-loader'

Add this code to your top level js code (needs to run before template require statements): ($templateCache) {
    window.$templateCache = $templateCache;

This is needed so that async code loading containing templates can work - it can't self-bootstrap.

TODO: Automate the above bootstrapping code.