HTML UI Toolkit build tool


HTML UI Toolkit build tool.

This tool is custom-made for the HTML UI Toolkit (hut) packages. It is not intended to be a general-purpose build utility.

Tests are run and served by the chi-build package. Running hut-build test is the same as running chi-build test. Running hut-build serve-test is the same as running chi-build serve.

To serve example files run hut-build serve. The project must be structured as follows:

 - example
   - index.html
   - script.js
   - style.css
 - package.json

The index.html file is an HTML snippet that will be wrapped in a full HTML document by the server. The generated document automatically adds references to script.js and script.css. The script.js file will be bundled by browserify before being served. The style.css will be preprocessed by npm-css before being served.

With the server running, you can browse to http://localhost:8000/ to see the example. When you refresh the browser, it will automatically recompile the source code in memory.

To build the example files to the dist folder run hut-build build. The project must be structured as described above. The files that would be served by the server (the index.html, script.js, and style.css files) are compiled and placed in the dist folder.

You can use the JS API in another script.

Start an HTTP server, the same as running hut-build serve. options may contain a port property (default 8000) which specifies the port for the HTTP server. The example directory must be in the current working directory.

Creates the connect app that is used by serve.

Build the dist files. Same as running hut-build build.