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HurryUp is a timeout library for asynchronous, fault-prone function calls. Basically, it'll timeout an async call if it's been running for too long. You can also specify to re-call async functions until they succeed (see below).

What can you use it for?

  • db operations
  • api calls
  • async jobs

hurryUp(asyncCallback, optionsOrTimeout, ...args)

  • asyncCallback - async function to call
  • optionsOrTimeout
    • object - options passed
      • retry - TRUE if the timedCallback should be re-called if it returns an error
      • retryTimeout - timeout between retrying timed callback
      • timeout - kill timeout
    • number - the timeout before killing the function call
  • ...args - additional arguments to pass to the async callback
hurryUp(function(next) {
  //this will cause an error 
  setTimeout(next, 2000);
}, 1000).call(null, function(err, result) {
  console.error("timeout has occurred!")

Here's an easier way to wrap around a method:

hurryUp(emitter.once, 1000).call(emitter, "connected", function(err, result) {

You can also use hurryup to run a callback multiple times until it succeeds, like so:

function isItReady(next) {
  //async stuff here 
  next(new Error("no!"));
hurryUp(function(next) {
}, { retry: true }).call(null, function(err) {
  console.log(err.message); //no!