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Humpty ūüć≥

Makes sure your changelogs mention your breaking changes

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It's really easy to make a breaking API change to your React component and forget to release it as a major version. Humpty stops this from happening by checking what's changed in your component API, and making sure it is mentioned in your changelogs.


$ humpty --oldApi 72c5c9e0 --newApi c72257 --gitRepo ~/Repos/bengummer/humpty-mock-api
Default export
  - Prop type changed: "age" was string, now number

Supported APIs and changelogs

ūüí° This project has just started, a pluggable API/changelog system can be added to support APIs other than React. Raise an issue to discuss! Check out the Trello board for the roadmap.

Supported API detection

  • React components
    • Prop removed
    • Prop type changed
    • Prop made mandatory
    • Prop made optional

Note: React components are currently only checked in the root index.js file - this will be made more flexible soon to read the main script from package.json.

Supported changelogs

  • React components
    • Commit messages containing ${propName} prop


If you're using humpty in CI you can install it globally

$ yarn global add humpty

Or add it as a devDependency and call it via an npm script

  "name": "my-component",
  "scripts": {
    "humpty": "humpty ..."
$ yarn add --dev humpty
$ yarn run humpty

Detailed usage


Git branch or SHA where your current public API code is stored.


Git branch or SHA where your new public API code is stored.


Path to the git repo where your source lives.

--json (optional)

Output result as JSON instead of emoji + text