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Command line utility to compile hogan.js templates


Hulkster is a tool (command line + node) to compile hogan.js templates. Hogan.js has a similar tool named "hulk", but it is too simple to meet the majority of use cases. So hulkster is a kind of super "hulk".

hulkster template.mustache
npm install hulkster
Precompile hogan templates.
Usage: hulkster [options] -- templates..
  --version                        Show version
  -o, --output                     Output file                               [string]
  -f, --format                     Output format ("json", "js")              [string]  [default: "js"]
  -v, --export-var, --exportVar    Export variable used in JS output         [string]
  -h, --hogan-var, --hoganVar      Hogan variable used in JS output          [string]
  -a, --amd                        Export using AMD style (require.js)       [boolean]
  -n, --amd-name, --amdName        AMD module name used in define wrapper    [string]
  -p, --hogan-path, --hoganPath    Path of hogan (only valid for amd style)  [string]
  -m, --minify                     Minify output                             [string]
  -t, --minify-html, --minifyHtml  Minify HTML                               [string]

Thanks to node-glob, it's possible to use wildcards in files.

var hulkster = require('hulkster');
hulkster.compile('template.mustache', {
    minify: 'true'
  • files can be a string or an array of files.
  • options is an object that accepts options defined in usage (with camel syntax).

As in command line, it's possible to use wildcards.