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FreeSwitch CCNQ4 middlewares and configuration


Provisioning is done using the CouchDB document conventions.

A typical document will contain at least:

  • type: endpoint, number, number_domain, …;
  • a field named after type, for example endpoint, which contains the key for the record;
  • _id is the concatenation of the type, :, and the key.

Other fields are specified for each individual document type.

This project uses especially the following extensions:

  • country: short (two-letter) country name
  • dialplan: e164 (global numbers), national (ingress and egress, requires country), centrex (egress only, requires country)

Here are the main types of documents:


An endpoint is an authenticated line or device on the customer side.

The _id for an endpoint may contain:

  • endpoint:<ip> for static endpoints (authentication is IP-based);
  • endpoint:<username>@<endpoint_domain> for dynamic endpoints (authentication is password-based).

The value for endpoint_domain must be a valid DNS name, typically defined using a NAPTR record, or proper SRV records. The document type domain can be used to dynamically create DNS domains inside CCNQ4.


Numbers might be global numbers (used to route between domain) or local numbers (used inside a domain).

The _id for numbers may contain:

  • number:<global-number> where global-number is country-code + national number;
  • number:<local-number>@<number-domain> where local-number is the number as presented and used by the customer.


A number-domain is a closed dialplan (such as a national dialplan, or a Centrex dialplan).

The _id for number-domains contains number_domain:<number-domain>.


For Centrex we use the convention number_domain === endpoint_domain.

Global Number (number:<E164-number>)

Inbound translation from a global number to a local (Centrex) extension:

  • local_number: number@number_domain

Endpoint (endpoint:<ip> or endpoint:<username>@<endpoint_domain>)

For Centrex the following conventions are used:

  • endpoint_domain is a Centrex number-domain.
  • country must be specified.

Note that generally speaking, username === local_number. And that for Centrex, endpoint_domain === number_domain.

Endpoints must specify:

  • number_domain: Used to retrieve the local number. No default.
  • outbound_route: Used for national dialplan (once out of Centrex profile).

Local Number

Centrex local numbers must specify:

  • country (optional)

Number Domain (number_domain:<number_domain>)

Used for egress.

  • dialplan
  • country




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