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Commandline utility for ethereum. For convenience.

  1. Create, Mine and Reset private network.
  2. Keystore / Account tools.
  3. Transferring ether between accounts.
  4. Deploying contracts.
  5. Calling and transacting with contracts.
  6. Watching contracts
  7. Scripting
npm install -g huff
huff -h

Made for osx/linux, your paths may differ

Create, Mine and Reset private network.

huff --reset
huff --reset [--datadir <alternative>]
  • Destroys the network in $HOME/.huff/* or <alternative>
  • Recreates it, prompting for new etherbase account passphrase
  • Generates genesis.json file.

huff --mine
  • Start mining the new network
  • Creates $HOME/.huff/geth.ipc for attach

Keystore / Account tools.

huff --create-account
  • Creates a new account in the datadir/keystore
  • Prompts for a passphrase for the new account
  • Same as geth --datadir ~/.huff/ account new
  • BUT: Adding accounts using geth will put the account sequences out of order

huff --list-accounts
  • List all accounts in datadir/keystore
  • Listing includes balance in wei

huff --show-key <account>
huff --show-key 0
huff --show-key c10d9bbb5c9481860997e8dc5c6ada6e0ccd6f61
  • Show account's privateKey

huff --balance 0
huff --balance 9372fbb45a307c70f874f48a0668b512ed1ae64d
  • Show accounts balance in wei

Transferring ether between accounts.

huff --transfer 20 --to 2
  • Transfers 20 ether from account[0] to account[2]
  • Prompts for passphrase for account[0]
  • Displays transaction receipt

huff --transfer 10 \
     --sender 9372fbb45a307c70f874f48a0668b512ed1ae64d \
     --to 02a82e3e3fb4e2afb01971556373fa0e03898c79
  • Transfers 10 ether from sender address
  • Prompts for passphrase of 9372fbb45a307c70f874f48a0668b512ed1ae64d account

huff --transfer 10000000 --wei --sender 1 --to 0
  • Transfer unit as wei instead of ether

Deploying contracts

huff --deploy example/greeter.sol -p 'hello world!' [--gas 1000000]
  • Deploys contract from source in example/greeter.sol
  • Constructor param as 'hello world'
  • Writes deployment state files into example/greeter.sol.deployed/*
  • You may want to .gitignore *.deployed

huff --sender 2 --deploy example/imagine.sol -p 'all the' -p people
  • Supports more than one constructor parameter

huff --deploy example/greeter.sol -p 'hello africa!' --tag africa
huff --deploy example/greeter.sol -p 'hello asia!' --tag asia
  • Use optional --tag to deploy multiple instances of the same contract.
  • Separate state files are created in example/greeter.sol.deployed/*
  • The tag is used to distinguish between them in --connect and --send (see below)

huff --compile example/greeter.sol
  • A variation on --deploy that only performs the compile step
  • Stores subset of state files in example/greeter.sol.deployed/(abi,code)

Calling and transacting with contracts

huff --connect example/greeter.sol --tag africa --send greet
  • Runs the greet() method on the previously compiled contract
  • Uses the utility files (as deployed) from example/greeter.sol.deployed/latest/* for ABI and Address
  • Displays the result to console

huff --connect example/greeter.sol --send echo -p 'arg1' -p 'arg2'
  • Runs echo() with two arguments

huff --connect example/greeter.sol --send kill
  • Sends transaction to the kill() method

huff --connect token.sol --send balanceOf -p 0x9372fbb45a307c70f874f48a0668b512ed1ae64d
  • Precede address with '0x' when passing as parameters

huff --compile contract.sol
huff --connect contract.sol --address 0x8ca785e0bea58aa09e88bc3411e648f5aff636bc --send method
  • Uses the compile (without deploy) option to generate the necessary abi utility file
  • Then connects to an existing instance of that contact at the specified address

Watching contracts

huff --watch example/greeter.sol
# second console 
huff --connect example/greeter.sol --send update -p 'hello world'
  • The first starts watching the contract for events.
  • The second calls update('hello world') which emits an event



# deploy the parent contract 
huff --pass z --deploy example/parent.sol
# spawn a child through it and use --json pointer to only 
# print that part of the transaction reciept containing  
# the new child's address 
CHILD_ADDRESS=`huff --pass z --connect example/parent.sol --send spawnChild -p 'Child Name' --json /logs/0/args/child`
# compile but don't deploy the child 
# (for abi written into example/child.sol.deployed/.. 
huff --compile example/child.sol
# get childs name 
huff --connect example/child.sol --address $CHILD_ADDRESS --send name


  • pop archive on kill()




npm i huff

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