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Hubot Yammer Adapter


This is the Yammer adapter for hubot that allows you to send a message to him with Yammer and he will happily reply the same way.


  • Install dependencies with npm install
  • Run hubot with bin/hubot -a yammer -n the_name_of_the_yammer_bot_account

Yammer side

  • Create a new account for your bot in your Yammer domain
  • Create a new application for hubot (see bellow)
  • You'll need to create at least one group in wich hubot will talk. By default, this group is "hubot" but you can change him

Note if running on Heroku

You will need to change the process type from app to web in the Procfile.


You will need to set some environment variables to use this adapter.


% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_ACCESS_TOKEN="access_token"
% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_GROUPS="groups list"

Non-Heroku environment variables

% export HUBOT_YAMMER_ACCESS_TOKEN="access_token"
% export HUBOT_YAMMER_GROUPS="groups list"

How do you get your access token

Here's how to get a valid Yammer OAuth2 token with the standard OAuth2 authorization flow.

See Yammer documentation for more details.

  • Register a new application on Yammer at Leave the callback URLs empty
  • Take notes of your consumer_key and consumer_secret
  • Make a new bot user on Yammer.
  • Sign in as the new bot user on Yammer
  • Go to<consumer_key>
  • There's an authorization dialog. Authorize the app
  • Look at the URL bar and there's a code=<CODE> query parameter in there, copy that
  • curl<CODE>&client_id=<consumer_key>&client_secret=<consumer_secret>
  • you'll get a big JSON that contains access_token

Now set the token to HUBOT_YAMMER_ACCESSTOKEN.


Just send pull request if needed or fill an issue!


Copyright © Aurélien Thieriot. See LICENSE for details.


Mikeal for his great and simple libraries node-yammer

Mathilde Lemee from wich I shamefully fork the code of hubot-twitter

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