A Yammer adapter for hubot

Hubot Yammer Adapter

This is the Yammer adapter for hubot that allows you to send a message to him with Yammer and he will happily reply the same way.

  • Add hubot-yammer as a dependency in your hubot's package.json
  • Install dependencies with npm install
  • Run hubot with bin/hubot -a yammer -n the_name_of_the_yammer_bot_account
  • Create a new account for your bot in your Yammer domain
  • Create a new application for hubot (see bellow)
  • You'll need to create at least one group in wich hubot will talk. By default, this group is "hubot" but you can change him

You will need to change the process type from app to web in the Procfile.

You will need to set some environment variables to use this adapter.

% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_KEY="key" 
% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_SECRET="secret" 
% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_TOKEN="token" 
% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_TOKEN_SECRET="secret" 
% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_GROUPS="groups list"
% export HUBOT_YAMMER_KEY="key"
% export HUBOT_YAMMER_SECRET="secret"
% export HUBOT_YAMMER_TOKEN="token"
% export HUBOT_YAMMER_GROUPS="groups list"

An easy way to get your access codes is to use nyam.

Nyam is a node.js CLI tool wich can help you to setup Yammer authorizations.

First, log on to Yammer and get your own application keys.<DOMAIN>/client_applications/new

Install nyam

npm install nyam -g

Warning: Actually, nyam need a 0.4.x version of node.js. You may want to look at nvm

To override nyam configuration with your own app keys create the following file:


and add the following

    "app_consumer_key": "<CONSUMER KEY HERE>",
    "app_consumer_secret": "<CONSUMER SECRET HERE>"

Then, start the setup process to give hubot-yammer access to an account

nyam -s

Finally, run nyam with a verbose level to display all the informations you need

nyam --verbose

Just send pull request if needed or fill an issue !

Copyright © Aurélien Thieriot. See LICENSE for details.

Mikeal for his great and simple libraries node-yammer

Mathilde Lemee from wich I shamefully fork the code of hubot-twitter