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Hubot Web Adapter

An adapter for Hubot to work via HTTP. Great for your custom web chat interface.


Set HUBOT_REST_SEND_URL as an environment variable to send hubot responses to.

If you want Hubot responses to be formatted for HTML, currently replacing newlines with <br>s, set HUBOT_HTML_RESPONSE to true.

Also, if you're running hubot on Heroku, set your Procfile as a web process and not an app.

Special Options Hash

Typically messages to Hubot have three parameters: Message, User and Room. This adapter allows for an extendable options has to be sent with the message.

To send options, when posting to Hubot use the following hash:

// post: /receive/:room
  from: 'nickname string',
  message: 'message body string',
  options: {
    "javascript": "object"

The options hash can be accessed in a script with msg.message.user.options.