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manage your trello board from hubot


Add hubot-trello to your package.json file:

  "hubot": ">= 2.5.1",
  "hubot-scripts": ">= 2.4.2",
  "hubot-trello": "*"

OR run npm install --save hubot-trello

Add hubot-trello to your external-scripts.json:


Run npm install


Setup the following as environment variables before you run hubot.

HUBOT_TRELLO_KEY    - Trello application key
HUBOT_TRELLO_BOARD  - The ID of the Trello board you will be working with
  • To get your key, go to:
  • To get your token, go to:<<your key>>&name=Hubot+Trello&expiration=never&response_type=token&scope=read,write
  • Figure out what board you want to use, grab it's id from the url<<board id>>/<<board name>>

Sample Interaction

user1> hubot trello new "to do" my simple task
Hubot> Sure thing boss. I'll create that card for you.
Hubot> OK, I created that card for you. You can see it here:<shortLink>
user1> hubot trello move <shortLink> "doing"
Hubot> Yep, ok, I moved that card to doing.
user1> hubot trello list "to do"
Hubot> user1: Looking up the cards for to do, one sec...
Hubot> user1: Here are all the cards in To Do
Hubot> * [<shortLink>] <card_name> - <card_url>
Hubot> * [<shortLink>] <card_name> - <card_url>
Hubot> * [<shortLink>] <card_name> - <card_url>
user1> hubot trello list lists
Hubot> user1: Here are all the lists on your board.
Hubot> * to do
Hubot> * doing
Hubot> * done

And you can use a little help command.

user1> trello help