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hubot-tasteit-be script for Hubot


Add the package hubot-tasteit-be as dependencies in your Hubot package.json file by running the command:

npm install hubot-tasteit-be --save

To enable the script, add the hubot-tasteit-be entry to the external-scripts.json file (you may need to create this file, if it is not present or if you upgraded from Hubot < 2.4).


Quick installation of Hubot

To quickly install hubot, run:

sudo npm install -g hubot coffee-script
hubot --create mixbot

(mixbot is the name of our hubot)

To test it locally, run

bin/hubot --name mixbot


mixbot help

To get an idea of all the available commands

To run it on Campfire, run:

HUBOT_CAMPFIRE_ACCOUNT="youraccount" HUBOT_CAMPFIRE_ROOMS="474911,537247" HUBOT_CAMPFIRE_TOKEN="sometoken" bin/hubot --name mixbot -a campfire

More on the installation of Hubot can be found here: