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Hubot: hubot-substitute

Build Status

A regex find/replace watcher for Hubots

See src/ for full documentation.


Add hubot-substitute to your package.json file:

  "hubot": ">= 2.5.1",
  "hubot-scripts": ">= 2.4.2",
  "hubot-substitute": ">= 0.0.0",
  "hubot-hipchat": "~2.5.1-5",

Add hubot-substitute to your external-scripts.json:


Run npm install hubot-substitute

Sample Interaction

aaron> I could really go for a beer right now
aaron> s/beer/stout beer/
Hubot> aaron: I could really go for a stout beer right now
aaron> I can't wait until we get their
aaron> s/their/there
Hubot> aaron: I can't wait until we get there
aaron> The cow goes woof woof
aaron> s/woo/moo/g
Hubot> aaron: The cow goes moof moof
aaron> The cow goes woof woof
guster> aaron s/woof/moo/g
Hubot> aaron: The cow goes moo moo