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Let Hubot write down all messages it hears on a Witness-compliant server.

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These instructions assume you've deployed Hubot to Heroku. Please make the appropriate adjustments for other hosting solutions.

$ npm install --save hubot-stenographer
$ hk set HUBOT_LOG_SERVER_TOKEN="supersecrettoavoidspam"
$ vim external-scripts.json # add "hubot-stenographer" to the array

Twilio Warnings

If you're into that sort of thing, you can utilize Twilio to text you when the service you're logging to is down. Just add the following configuration options:

  • HUBOT_TWILIO_SID - your Twilio SID
  • HUBOT_TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN - your Twilio auth token
  • HUBOT_TWILIO_WARN_FROM - your Twilio number (e.g. +15551234567)
  • HUBOT_TWILIO_WARN_TO - the phone number to send the message to (same formatting as above)

Once all four of those are set, restart your app and look for twilio: enabled in your logs.


Once the script is enabled for your bot, you're good to go!


Originally written by Jacob Ela (@wubr), then modified for IRC by Matt Aimonetti (@mattetti). Completely rewritten by Parker Moore (@parkr) to be a script purely for logging. Thanks to Matt & Jacob for the inspiration!