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A Hubot script for interacting with Steam Web API (primarily for Dota 2).

See src/steam.coffee for full documentation.

Installation via NPM

  1. Install the hubot-steam-webapi module as a Hubot dependency by running:

    npm install --save hubot-steam-webapi
  2. Enable the module by adding the hubot-steam-webapi entry to your external-scripts.json file:

  3. Run your bot and see below for available config / commands


Variable Default Description
STEAM_API_KEY N/A A unique developer API key is required to use Steam's Web API
DOTA_MAX_RESULTS 5 The maximum number of result(s) to return (for matches)


Command Listener ID Description
hubot steam id [me] custom URL steam.profile.id Returns the Steam ID for the user under http://steamcommunity.com/id/ custom URL
hubot steam status Steam ID or custom URL steam.profile.status Returns Steam ID or custom URL community status
hubot dota history Steam ID or custom URL steam.dota.history Returns metadata for the latest DOTA_MAX_RESULTS (or 5) game lobbies with Steam ID or custom URL
hubot dota match match ID [Steam ID or custom URL] steam.dota.match Returns information about a particular match ID. Optionally, if Steam ID or custom URL is included, its match information will also be returned

Sample Interaction

user1>> hubot dota history MrSaints
hubot>> Match ID: 1588262704 | Lobby: Ranked match | Hero: Winter Wyvern | 7 hours ago


npm i hubot-steam-webapi

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