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Hubot Slack Twitter NPM version

Hubot Slack Twitter allows to post twitt directly from slack.

By adding the Hubot Slack Twitter, you can configure many twitter accounts and bind them to one or more Slack rooms. Then, anybody in the room (even private) can ask the robot to tweet on the dedicated room twitter account.

Moreover, a basic stats report is available by chan / in DM to promote people who tweet the most with Hubot Slack Twitter.


In hubot project repository, run:

npm install --save hubot-slack-twitter

Then add hubot-slack-twitter to your external-scripts.json:



Create a twitter-config.js at the root of your hubot directory and fill it with that text and your own config:

  "accounts": {
    "custom-twitter-account-1": {
      "consumer_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "access_token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "access_token_secret": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
    "custom-twitter-account-1": {
      "consumer_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "consumer_secret": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "access_token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "access_token_secret": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  "rooms": {
    "roomnameA": "custom-twitter-account-1",
    "roomnameB": "custom-twitter-account-1",
    "roomnameC": "custom-twitter-account-1",
    "username": "custom-twitter-account-2"

Now, you can invite your bot in one of the rooms you mentionned in the config, and send a twitt (see example below).

Sample Interaction

Twitt a link

user>> hubot tweet

Twitter a link with some description

user>> hubot tweet a smart french blog about various dev tips

Show the current room twitter account the bot will post on

user>> hubot tweet infos

Show statistics

user>> hubot tweet stats

The response will be different:

  • in a direct message with the bot, this will display user stats (cross channel and accounts usage)
  • in a chan with a tweeter bot set up, it will display the chan stats with users contribution ranking


npm i hubot-slack-twitter

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