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Slack adaptor with irc-gateway for hubot

For who

  • cannot receive outgoing webhooks
    • probably because of firewall
  • cannot create a hubot's slack account
    • because slack charge to each account

Not for who


export HUBOT_IRC_PORT=6667
# settings for slack api 
# @see 
export HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN=your_slack_token_here
# settings for irc gateway 
# @see 
export HUBOT_IRC_LOGIN_USER=user_name_for_irc_gateway
export HUBOT_IRC_LOGIN_PASSWORD=password_for_irc_gateway
export HUBOT_IRC_ROOMS="#channel1,#channel2"
bin/hubot -a slack-irc-gateway --name mybot

How it works

  • receive messages using Slack's ircgateway
  • post messages with slack API
    • ircgateway has more strict limitation of use than API