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Hubot Skype Adapter


This is the Skype adapter for Hubot running on Windows machine with .NET 4.5 pre-installed (no Python dependencies).

Installation and usage

  • Install this project as a dependency in your hubot with npm install hubot-skype4com --save
  • Create Skype account for your bot and log into it on the machine hubot will be used on
  • Run hubot with bin\hubot -a skype4com (it will launch Skype automatically if needed)
  • Allow access to API in Skype window (needed only on the first launch)


Here's the most direct way to get your work merged into the project

  1. Fork the project
  2. Clone down your fork
  3. Do WTFYW
  4. Push the branch up to your fork
  5. Send a pull request for your branch


Copyright © Ingvar Stepanyan. The Skype name, associated trade marks and logos and the "S" logo are trade marks of Skype or related entities. This project is not affiliate of Skype or Microsoft corporation. See LICENSE and Skype Desktop API Terms of Use for details.