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A hubot script that queries the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) API


Allows Hubot to give you real-time information on SEPTA's transportation systems.

Add hubot-septa as a depencency in your Hubot package.json file:

"hubot-septa": "0.1.0"

Then add "hubot-septa" to your external-scripts.json file.

If you don't have an external-scripts.json file, create a new file in your Hubot base dir that contains ["hubot-septa"].


Using SEPTA's Next to Arrive API:

hubot septa me the next train from <source> to <destination>

hubot septa me the next <integer> trains from <source> to <destination>

Hubot> hubot septa me the next train from Wissahickon to Suburban Station
Hubot> Shell: SEPTA train 6233 leaves at  9:00PM and arrives at  9:25PM (1 mins).
Hubot> hubot septa me the next 3 trains from 30th Street Station to Manayunk
Hubot> Shell: SEPTA train 230 leaves at  9:26PM and arrives at  9:51PM (On time).
Hubot> Shell: SEPTA train 232 leaves at 10:16PM and arrives at 10:41PM (On time).
Hubot> Shell: SEPTA train 8234 leaves at 11:20PM and arrives at 11:45PM (On time).
  • Handle line transfers