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    This script relies on a new Hubot v2.14.0 feature known as 'listener middleware'. It WILL NOT work on older versions of Hubot.

    A Hubot script for restricting access to commands through role-based access control (RBAC), and Listener IDs.

    Roles are automatically created when policies are added / removed (e.g. when a listener ID is blocked).


    • Currently, the script can only block listeners IF they have an ID attached to it via their options / metadata;
    • Furthermore, the full ID must be specified when creating policies;
    • None of the script's commands are blocked by default (i.e. anyone can use it, but they can not use it against a power user).

    See src/ for full documentation.

    Installation via NPM

    1. Install the hubot-rbac module as a Hubot dependency by running:

      npm install --save hubot-rbac
    2. Enable the module by adding the hubot-rbac entry to your external-scripts.json file:

    3. Run your bot and see below for available config / commands


    Variable Default Description
    HUBOT_RBAC_POWER_USERS N/A A comma-separated list of user names to be granted complete, and immutable permissions.


    Command Listener ID Description
    hubot auth me Returns your current role(s).
    hubot auth block listener ID role auth.block Blocks listener ID from being executed by subjects in role.
    hubot auth unblock listener ID role auth.unblock Unblocks listener ID for subjects in role.
    hubot auth assign subject role auth.assign Assigns subject to role.
    hubot auth unassign subject role auth.unassign Unassigns subject from role.
    hubot auth default role auth.default Changes the default role for unassigned subjects.
    hubot auth ids auth.ids Returns a list of listener IDs that can be blocked.
    hubot auth roles auth.roles Returns a list of roles, and their respective subjects.

    Sample Interaction

    user1>> hubot links list
    hubot>> user1: Nothing has been shared recently.
    user1>> hubot auth me
    hubot>> user1: You are not assigned to any roles.
    user1>> hubot auth block links.list nolinkrecording
    hubot>> user1: Listener ID "links.list" is blocked for "nolinkrecording" subjects.
    user1>> hubot auth assign user1 nolinkrecording
    hubot>> user1: Assigned "user1" to "nolinkrecording".
    user1>> hubot links list
    hubot>> user1: Sorry, you are not authorised to execute that command.
    user1>> hubot auth me
    hubot>> user1: You have been assigned the following role(s): nolinkrecording


    npm i hubot-rbac

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