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This is "Pulsar REST API service" hubot script.


Install it as a usual hubot script. After that configure it to your needs. For that you need to have a config file. The config file will be searched in the following order:

  • The script will try to get the environment variable HUBOT_PULSAR_CONFIG. If this variable exists then it is used as a file path to the config file.
  • If the variable wasn't found then the script will try to locate the file pulsar.config.json in the directory of the hubot installation.

Authorization support is optional, and enabled if the hubot-auth script is loaded.

Config format

  "pulsarApi": {
    "url": "<pulsar-rest-api-url>",
    "authToken": "<auth-token>"

pulsarApi: Object. Required. It describes the configuration for pulsar-rest-api-client-node.


For deploying applications. Everyone with the role deployer is allowed to trigger deployments.

The script emits the following events:

  • deploy:start: When a deployment is started
  • deploy:success: When a deployment finished successfully
  • deploy:error: When a deployment fails

Real-life usage example

Please look how this script can be used in your everyday workflow