Hubot script to deploy via Pulsar REST API

(unstable, currently in development)


This is "Pulsar REST API service" hubot script.

Install it as a usual hubot script. After that configure it to your needs. For that you need to have a config file. The config file will be searched in the following order:

  • The script will try to get the environment variable HUBOT_PULSAR_CONFIG. If this variable exists then it is used as a file path to the config file.
  • If the variable wasn't found then the script will try to locate the file pulsar.config.json in the directory of the hubot installation which uses the script. If the pulsar.config.json was found then the script will use it.
  • If all the previous steps failed then the script will try to read the file config.json in its src directory which is probably not what you want.
  "pulsarApi": {},
  "hipchatRoles": ""

pulsarApi: Object. Required. It describes the configuration for pulsar-rest-api-client-node. hipchatRoles: String or Array of Strings. Optional. Hipchat user roles that are allowed to communicate with the hubot.