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    This plugin is based on the usage we have in Gandi of Pagerduty. It may, in its first instance, not match your setup, so please verify that first.

    • we have on main schedule that is for the general alert dispatch (PAGERV2_SCHEDULE_ID)
    • only one person is on call at any given time
    • we don't use teams


    # pager v2 configuration vars
    export PAGERV2_API_KEY=""
    export PAGERV2_SCHEDULE_ID=""
    export PAGERV2_SERVICES="name1,name2"
    export PAGERV2_DEFAULT_RESOLVER="nagios"
    export PAGERV2_ENDPOINT="/hook"
    export PAGERV2_ANNOUNCE_ROOM="#dev"
    export PAGERV2_NEED_GROUP_AUTH="0"
    export PAGERV2_LOG_PATH="/tmp"
    export PAGERV2_CUSTOM_ACTION_FILE="file.json"

    PAGERV2_API_KEY contains the pagerduty api key for v2 api. PAGERV2_SCHEDULE_ID contains the default schedule for oncall and override PAGERV2_SERVICES contains the name of the service, separated by comma, of the service to monitor/interact with PAGERV2_DEFAULT_RESOLVER="nagios" in case no resolver is found, use this one PAGERV2_ENDPOINT="/hook" the path used to setup the webhook. be sure it is not already in use. PAGERV2_ANNOUNCE_ROOM="#dev" where to announce webhook message PAGERV2_NEED_GROUP_AUTH="0" if weither or not (0,1) you need authentication for interacting with pagerduty PAGERV2_LOG_PATH="/tmp" where to save the log of pager PAGERV2_CUSTOM_ACTION_FILE="file.json" this contains the custom action binding in the form { action_id : { action : 'action_name', args : {...} } } The action name refer to an available command from this module or another (will do a robot.emit action_id.action action_id.args)


    In the while, hubot help pager should list you all available commands.

    you can use hubot help pager to list all available commands :

    .pager <user> as <email>   - declare what email should be use to find <user> pagerduty id
    .pager [who is] next [oncall] - tells who is next on call
    .pager [who is] oncall        - tells who is currently on call
    .pager ack <#,#,#>         - acknowledges incident <number>
    .pager ack [all]           - acknowledges any unack incidents
    .pager assign <#,#,#> to <user> - assigns incidents <#,#,#> to user
    .pager assign <#,#,#> to me     - assigns incidents <#,#,#> to caller
    .pager assign [all] to <user>   - assigns all open incidents to user
    .pager assign [all] to me       - assigns all open incidents to caller
    .pager end <maintenance> - ends <maintenance>
    .pager incident <#>        - gives more information about incident number <number>
    .pager maintenances           - lists currently active maintenances
    .pager extensions [name]   - list extensions filtered by name. relevant for custom_action
    .pager me                  - check if the caller is known by pagerduty plugin
    .pager me <duration>       - creates an override for <duration> minutes
    .pager me as <email>       - declare what email should be use to find caller pagerduty id
    .pager me next             - creates an override for the next scheduled
    .pager me now              - creates an override until the end of current oncall
    .pager noc <duration>      - creates an override for <duration> minutes with the noc account
    .pager noc now             - creates a noc override until the end of current oncall
    .pager not me              - cancels an override if any
    .pager not noc             - cancels a noc override if any
    .pager note <#,#,#> <note> - create a note for incidents <#,#,#>
    .pager notes <#>           - read notes for incident <#>
    .pager oncall <message>       - cc oncall and send <message> to alerting channel
    .pager res|resolve <#,#,#> - resolves incident <number>
    .pager res|resolve [all]   - resolves any un-resolved incidents
    .pager snooze <#,#,#> [for] [<duration>] [min] - snoozes incident <number>
    .pager snooze [all] [for] [<duration>] [min]   - snoozes any open incidents for [<duration>] (default 120m)
    .pager stfu|down <service,service,service> for <duration> [because <reason>] - creates a maintenance per service
    .pager stfu|down [for] <duration> [because <reason>] - creates a maintenance
    .pager sup|inc|incidents   - lists currently unresolved incidents
    .pager version             - give the version of hubot-pager-v2 loaded
    .pager who is <user>       - check if the caller is known by pagerduty plugin 



    All changes are listed in the CHANGELOG


    npm install
    # will run make test and coffeelint
    npm test 
    # or
    make test
    # or, for watch-mode
    make test-w
    # or for more documentation-style output
    make test-spec
    # and to generate coverage
    make test-cov
    # and to run the lint
    make lint
    # run the lint and the coverage


    Feel free to open a PR if you find any bug, typo, want to improve documentation, or think about a new feature.

    Gandi loves Free and Open Source Software. This project is used internally at Gandi but external contributions are very welcome.




    This source code is available under MIT license.


    Copyright (c) 2017 - Gandi -


    npm i hubot-pager-v2

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